What Is The Ideal Interior and Outdoor Home Building and Accent Material

What Is The Ideal Interior and Outdoor Home Building and  Accent Material

Choosing the right  accent material is important when building your dream space.

Natural Stone is one of the most versatile accent materials when it comes to color, durability and application which make it the more suitable material for an indoor and outdoor space. It is available in an infinite variety of colors, patterns and finishes to complement any type of decor.

For example: the Cantera Natural Stone columns (pillars), balustrade and water feature make this inviting outdoor space stand out. 

Amando Natural Stone fountains, columns, balustrade for interior design
Amando Natural Stone fountains, columns, balustrade for exterior design


What’s Cantera Stone?


Cantera is a sedimentary stone that comes from the riverbeds of Mexico. It is used extensively for architectural columns, mouldings, fountains, fireplaces, sculptures, pots and planters, tile, veneer, flagstone and handcrafted carvings.

Derived from the Spanish word for “quarry,” cantera is a natural silica based stone that has been created by volcanic dust and ash being washed into silt beds by rainwater which over time through the process of compression became combined with lava and local rocks. It is found throughout Mexico. Cantera is mined and extracted from the earth in quarries.

Coming in the rough in different grades, it is porous, lightweight (weighing significantly less than marble and granite), strong, versatile in its applications, and extremely malleable. Although best known for its pink varieties, cantera also comes in over 130 color variations which include shades of white, grey, light green, beige, tan, light brown, dark brown, amber, red, and black. Due to the stones that it was compressed with, it is typically speckled with inclusions of various colors and shapes. It’s easily carved, due to its porosity, cool to the touch and when properly installed and sealed, it does not naturally crack, expand or contract under extreme weather conditions although it’s specifications vary from stone to stone and from quarry to quarry.


Natural Stone characteristics translate into benefits


Natural Stone (eg. Cantera, Marble, Limestone…) characteristics translate into benefits for the home owner and builder when used in a project, such as:

  • Luxury
  • Curb appeal
  • Aesthetics
  • Strength and beauty
  • Variety
  • Lifestyle statement
  • Return on Investment

and more…



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