Use Natural Stone to Enhance the Curve Appeal of Your Space

Use Handcrafted Custom Cut Natural Stone to Enhance the Curve Appeal of Your Space

First impressions matter. Natural Stone is a material that is widely used as a finish material to enhance the curb appeal of the interior and landscape design of high-end homes.

Natural Stone is the #1 choice of professionals in interior design, home decor, and home improvement/renovations because natural stone is a distinctive, long-lasting, and high-performance building material.

Onyx bar - Slabs & tiles
Onyx Slabs & Tiles


Here are our top 5 suggestions on how to enhance the curb appeal of your space:

1. Upgrade the kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, and outdoor space of a living space which are considered some of the top investment priorities when looking to spruce up interior and exterior spaces.
2. Incorporate an (onyx or marble) natural stone countertop or bathroom vanity will increase the value and appeal of any room in a home or office.
3. Choose natural stone as flooring or driveways and patio’s paving material, flooring is the more resilient and long-lasting improvement that you can make, the higher the upgrade is, the higher the return on investment (ROI). Synthetic products are at the bottom of the upgrade spectrum, according to design/architecture experts. Consider wood and natural stone for flooring and finishes options to add curb appeal to any space.
4. Upgrade lighting fixtures or add floor lamps and sconces to living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, and foyers.
5. Build a feature wall, including a handcrafted fireplace mantel and surround, or a custom fireplace using tile or a full natural stone slab will add allure to any room design.

Design living spaces using natural stone to make them stand out from the rest has the potential to increase equity.

When you are looking for a custom natural stone application, consider Amando Natural Stone collection to design your architectural feature. Imagine the possibilities!

Explore Amando Natural Stone Catalogue or our gallery of marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, or cantera products suitable for countertops, wall tile, flooring tile, pavers, fireplaces, and more for interiors and exteriors, allow us to help you increase the appeal of your property.