Cantera Natural Stone Columns are In a Class of Their Own    Countries like Mexico with colorful stories  have always provided fascination to outsiders because of their culture, traditions, food,  and most importantly, the art produced within the country. It’s through art and architecture that our generation, is allowed to take a glimpse through the artist’s (artisans who carved the stone and professional masons) mind and eyes of what was seen, felt, and experienced at certain time; with Cantera, a natural stone only quarry in Mexico, we have the opportunity to create architectural/ornamental distinctive applications today that will last for many generations to come and leave a legacy.Read More →

Natural Stone Veneer Enhances Every Room Natural Stone veneer  has been very popular the last couple of years) , cool lighting, light color furniture and flooring has become the perfect combo to create a space for the family; an inviting ambiance to enjoy a relaxing afternoon or perhaps a get together to enjoy a glass of wine with a group of friends. It looks spacious so it will also function as a  kid friendly family room! Natural Stone veneer can also be used to create indoor/outdoor fireplaces, water features, backsplashes,  pillars, etc… Natural Stone veneer comes in a variety of colors white, green, beige, rusty red, grey and more. InvalidRead More →

What is Cantera  Natural Stone? Cantera Natural Stone is a sedimentary, strong and versatile material that comes from the riverbeds of Mexico. Cantera Stone is an ideal medium from which  stone carvers can create custom designs. It is used extensively to produce architectural elements such as: fountains, columns, fireplaces, table bases, sculptures,pots and planters, tiles, stone veneer, flagstone , outdoor kitchen countertops and more….   What does “Cantera” mean? Derived from the Spanish word for “quarry,” Cantera is a natural silica based stone that has been created by volcanic dust and ash being washed into silt beds by rainwater which over time through the process of compression became combined with lava and local rocks. It isRead More →