Natural Stone columns (pillars) are strong architectural features. Columns will enhance any home’s style. If you appreciate the modern or old-world character that can be achieved using natural stone columns, use natural stone to enhance your designs draws the eye to the textures when matched against sophisticated and elegant decor.

Including natural stone columns in your design will add warmth, charm, and character to any room. A natural stone column(s) will increase the curb appeal of your interior and outdoor project. Enhance your classic or modern style living room or exterior space with one-of-a-kind architectural elements such as columns and pedestals.  Amando Natural Stone is quarried and cut within North America, to reduce environmental impacts and ensure sustainable building practices.


Get started in container gardening with a new natural stone planter. Browse through Amando Natural Stone Gallery of Pots & Planters.


How to order a custom-made pot or planter through Amando Natural Stone:


Step 1. View Amando Natural Stone pots and planters ideas in our specials  and gallery:


Step 2. If you have a different planter design in mind, we invite you to share it with us.

Step 3. View our gallery of natural stone colors in which columns and balustrade systems are made to order. Also, view Amando Natural Stone specials and made-to-order catalogs.

Step 4. Once you have picked your planter design and material and whether you are working with a designer or you are a designer yourself, we can work from drawings, blueprints or photographs to deliver your planters. Contact us and let us help you put it all together.


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Are you looking for a new stone fountain in Canada, Vancouver, West Vancouver, White Rock, Surrey, the United States, and surrounding areas?

Let Amando Stone help you every step of the way.  

Amando Stone offers a variety of Custom Handcrafted Natural Stone Fountain designs suitable for backyards, gardens, and landscaping settings, in a large array of colors, styles, and finishes.