One of a Kind: Stone Work Accents 

Give a Room a Personalized Look

Natural Stone is a versatile material and here are  a few fine examples:


White Onyx backlighted-custom home decor

white onyx countertop center piece


When you are looking to add a touch of luxury to your spaces, custom hand carved feature pieces made of Onyx will add allure to any space; Onyx is one of the only stones on the planet that’s translucent. This luxurious semiprecious stone design in combination with other design elements will give any home or commercial space a unique touch of style and it will provide years and years of enjoyment. It can be as sophisticated  and elegant as you’d like it to be, the possibilities are endless.

Onyx in its many colors and shades is also perfect for foyers, kitchens islands, countertops, lighting fixtures, sconces, table bases, pedestals, columns, custom walls and even small, detailed projects (such as a backsplash, a bar island our an outdoor kitchen).

Amber Onyx Natural Stone Lighting Fixtures - Home Decor
Amber Onyx Natural Stone Lighting Fixtures – Home Decor

Looking to add a wow factor to your residential or commercial project, check these ideas out! or give us a call and allow us to help you find the right natural stone accent.


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