Natural Stone: There’s Nothing Like it!

Natural Stone: There’s Nothing Like it!


Natural Stone: There’s Nothing Like it!

This is one of the many expressions I often hear when someone sees natural stone designs like this

Amber/Orange stone piece Onyx bar,


onyx is one of the only stones on the planet that’s translucent. Many materials are translucent but when it comes  to the selection of a finishing material it will depend on budget, application, where you live and the type of house you’re looking to build or decorate.

Onyx is probably the best finishing material when you are looking to add a unique touch to your design, the veining and mix of colors are stunning and it will for sure inspire comments from friends and family, this piece will definitively be a conversation starter .

Onyx is available in polish shiny & matte finish and can also be engraved. There are an infinite amount of translucent materials and you might be able to reach a similar look, but you may also want to consider that the initial investment in natural stone will be worth it in the long run, it is also very important to select building materials that are 100 % what your contractor and supplier tell you they are.

Why settle for a look alike, when you can have the real thing!

Onyx is the perfect material when designing a custom home, this material with its multiple shades will  enhance and for sure fit with any home decor style.

Even if your idea does not include a whole slab of material for a countertop, backsplash or  a featured wall; a small onyx  stonework design such as a scone or a table base, perhaps a lighting fixture or a bathroom sink, will make your space look and feel stunningly luxurious.

Wouldn’t this be a great material to consider when building or enhancing the look and feel of your new home or for a home improvement project?



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