Cantera Natural Stone Columns are In a Class of Their Own 


Countries like Mexico with colorful stories  have always provided fascination to outsiders because of their culture, traditions, food,  and most importantly, the art produced within the country. It’s through art and architecture that our generation, is allowed to take a glimpse through the artist’s (artisans who carved the stone and professional masons) mind and eyes of what was seen, felt, and experienced at certain time; with Cantera, a natural stone only quarry in Mexico, we have the opportunity to create architectural/ornamental distinctive applications today that will last for many generations to come and leave a legacy.

Columns or pillars have been used for centuries and now in modern architecture as a decorative element and combined with wood to create kitchen islands, as part of a fireplace or as part of a wall to be in the building structure or to create a gazebo to mention a few of the applications.   The variety of colors and columns style in which stone pillars can be made of are: From white to dark brown and black, brown, beige, pink and many more… The column’s style can be mismatch to fit  a custom design. If specific measurements are provided, all the parts can be cut and hand carved to size. A column has three main parts:


  • Capital : Corinthian, Ionic, Tuscan, Temple of the winds, custom capital.
  • Shaft: Smooth, Spiral, Tapered,  Barrel and the shaft could be: Solid, Core or split and cored. Custom hand carved designs are a plus.
  • Base: rounded, square, bevel edges…

The size of a column  is entirely up to your design, columns (pillars) are recommended to be manufactured to specifications that are easier to transport and install, this will also cut extra costs. Diameter and over all height are two important measurements to be considered, anywhere from 12”, 24”, 36” diameter and  3’, 8, 12’ height are standard measurements, when your project requires  round columns.

Square shaped columns are not as common but they can also be custom cut to fit your requirements. Building a gazebo, a grand entrance a garage? Consider cantera natural stone columns.


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