Is bringing the outdoors inside the new trend?

Is bringing the outdoors inside the new trend?


One of the everlasting trends in interior design is bringing the look  and feel of the outdoors inside.

Fireplaces and natural stone featured walls are  a common addition to the interiors and exteriors of many homes.

Stone featured walls  and natural stone fireplaces have often been confined to the living room.

A beautiful, elegant and one of a kind addition to any living room, and indoor or outdoor room or kitchen, or even the bathroom or a bedroom can only be made out of natural stone; natural stone range in color from white to black, in texture from smooth and shiny to honed and rustic finish.


While Onyx is not recommended for outdoor use, great visual effects can be obtained by using back-lit onyx. Large stone walls with very few seams, showcasing the natural beauty of floor-to-ceiling backlit orange, cream, beige, white and some warm onyx colors are very popular.


Travertine is also a very popular stone for outside walls, for  kitchen countertops, darker colors are more popular due to  low porosity.

If you are thinking of incorporating this idea in the construction of your new home or your next renovation project, pick the natural stone you like according to your style and your room’s blend of colors and calculate the square footage of the wall. Perhaps if you are in a contemporary home you will be drawn to sharper edges and sharper, contrasting colors. Once a general shade has been identified, your should be aware of the stones typical characteristics, i.e., striated veining, cloud type appearance, cross cut characteristics and vein cut characteristics.

Play with your ideas. You can turn an outdated living room, master bedroom or powder room into a masterpiece with a natural stone-covered wall, a fireplace surrounding, a back-lit ceiling.


Consider the variety in colors, sizes and finishes of cantera, onyx, marble or limestone, great options for indoor and outdoor spaces, depending on  the application.

Check with your local interior designers and/or contractor for more ideas and recommendations. If needed, at Amando Natural Stone we can provide suggestions of competitive trades to perform take offs from your project’s drawings and installation.