Interior Design Styles: Classic Design

Interior Design Styles: Classic Design

When you are in the process of selecting an interior or exterior design style – one that suits your taste and lifestyle, the possibilities are endless.

For instance, classic design ins architecture has been cherished for many generations, the detail and combination of shapes and colors used in this particular design style gives a space an organic, calm, and balanced look. Elaborated more detailed shapes and the natural stone used in these classic design spaces [residential and commercial] provide a uniquely luxurious look and feel. Some of the elements of classical design can still be found in today’s architecture and it’s considered Neo-Classical Architecture.


Classical Architecture Building Materials

Some elements that distinguish classical architecture are the breathtaking and elegant foundations and symmetrical figures.  From the doors and windows moldings, fireplaces, and even the indoor and outdoor decorations of homes and buildings, natural stone chisel face stone veneer, columns or pillars, corbels, tile, and planters are elements that can be incorporated into a home improvement or new home design project to add character and value to your space.

Elements of classical design (Doric, Corinthian or Tuscan Capitals – Columns, pedestals, corbels, arches, arcades, cornices, or moldings) give a space a classy and elegant touch.

As Amando Natural Stone is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, it will suit and enhance any design style, including Asian, Contemporary, Eclectic, Country, French, Mediterranean, Mid-Century Modern, Modern, Moroccan, Chic, Traditional, Transitional, Tropical, and Western design.

If you are looking for alluring finishes, textures, and colors to design a statement piece(s) to incorporate into your interior design ideas or landscape designs, choose your favorite interior design style and contact us.