Fireplace mantels are a major home design asset

Fireplace mantels are a major home design asset

Fireplace mantels are a major home design asset – often the primary showpiece,  and an exquisite additions to any space. It is important to choose a mantel that fits in with your home decor but also

makes the right statement. Because, nothing says home like the warmth and elegance of a fire!

From traditional to contemporary fireplace designs, the wide variety of natural stone colors, e.g.cantera colors, make it easier to have stylish custom stone work naturally beautifying your home! Fireplace mantels can be handcrafted to your specifications and design.

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Stone fireplaces are the best  way to add elegance and style to the indoor/outdoor spaces in a home. Crafted with attractive colors and designs an indoor/outdoor stone fireplace makes a perfect gathering place on frosty and/or rainy nights.

What makes natural stone a preferable fireplace material?

Natural Stone is the most preferable material for constructing an outdoor/indoor fireplace because of it’s long-lasting life, it’s non-combustible and it can be well-shaped and designed to suit any setting: contemporary, country, eclectic, Mediterranean, mid-century modern, traditional, tropical, western, modern and classic.

Natural Stone fireplaces represent strength and durability and are a perfect choice for your new living room,  bedroom, patio and backyard.  The most notable feature of any home fireplace is that it can withstand the harsh climatic conditions. It reduces overheating and thus prevents fire hazards.

Fireplace mantels are a major home design asset, it is the best way to add elegance & style to a high end residential and commercial spaces.


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