Natural Stone Fireplace: Design and Build Your Own

Natural Stone Fireplace: Design and Build Your Own


Designing and building your own custom natural stone fireplace will take the collaboration of at a team of experts depending on the complexity of your project; fireplaces are the heart of a house, the point of convergence for your friends and family.


Cantera, cantera stone is one of the most versatile natural stones that comes in contrasting colors and diverse finishes, which makes it the perfect material for many styles to be accomplished and matched any home interior or exterior architecture. From the rich and elaborate rustic hand carved detail design to the simple and modern look fireplace, mantels, over mantels, surrounding and heart, more than 20 cantera colors, moldings are available.

Guaranteed, Cantera and Limestone make for a unique material to build your own custom natural stone fireplace!

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There are standard measurements but it can also be made to your specifications, a fireplace can be made by design providing basic measurements.

Do you have a specific design in mind? At Amando Natural Stone we are able to work on your design from pictures, blueprints or drawings.



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