Bring the Earth Element into your Home

Bring the Earth Element into your Home Easily with Natural Stone

Products made out of Cantera, Onyx, Marble, and other natural stones not only add beautiful textures and architectural details to spaces but bring with them their metaphysical earthen qualities to enhance your surroundings far beyond the superficial.

In Feng Shui, Earth is associated with the qualities of patience, thoughtfulness, practicality, hard work, and stability. The earth element is also nurturing and seeks to draw all things together with itself, in order to bring harmony, rootedness, and stability. Other attributes of the earth element include ambition, stubbornness, responsibility, and long-term planning.

The earth elements downward radiating energy brings calm, comfort and feelings of peace and safety. You can use any kind of stone to bring the earth element into your space, but each carries unique characteristics…

Besides being beautiful and luxurious, Marble is a cleansing stone that is beneficial for the blood, skin, and immune system. This mineral is used to provide both clarity and states of “suspension in both meditation and tantric activities.” It provides the strength of self-control as well as mastery of thought. It also enhances the powers of serenity. Marble can provide the “good common sense” in matters of the home, heart and one’s constitution. Marble allows for total recall of dreams, as well as provides protection, stability and structure both in the physical and emotional mind.

Onyx slabs are breath taxingly gorgeous. The unique translucent properties of onyx slabs make them the ultimate statement of nature’s raw beauty. Meanwhile, the possibility of backlighting the stone opens up onyx’s areas of application to virtually anywhere you can imagine it.

Onyx bar - Slabs & tiles
Onyx Slabs & Tiles

Onyx balances and grounds us while it absorbs emotional intensity. Onyx is excellent for centering/aligning yourself with higher powers and has been said to banish grief, enhance self-control and wise decision-making, and encourage happiness and good fortune. Onyx can be used to provide a “peek” into the future and help one to follow the path alone while promoting personal strength. It helps bring balance and strength of mind. This is a good stone for those who are flighty by nature. It is a strengthening stone that can help you approach a lesson or task with greater self-confidence. Whether you choose natural stone for your kitchen, bathroom, flooring, or architectural details, you will be happy to know that it is working harder than it looks to bring you and your space a peaceful, welcoming, and stable environment!
Granite is gaining popularity because of its hardness, ability to take a good polish, and a wide variety of colors, but did you know that it also carries the elemental powers of water and earth as well? Granite comes in a beautiful array of colors, patterns, and qualities and is often full of shiny, light-reflecting druses. This incredible stone grounds unstable or unsure emotions and is a wonderful tool to increase protection and abundance. Granite allows for diplomacy, discretion, and cooperation. Granite is a wonderful relationship balancer. Ocean tumbled granite in particular helps us to see and understand the big picture. So it shows us to look past the little puddles in our lives and focus on an ocean of opportunity and advancement!

Penelope Sloan is an interior designer and home stager from Vancouver who specializes in crafting beautiful good energy spaces.