Bring the Earth Element into your Home Easily with Natural Stone   Products made out of Cantera, Onyx, Marble and other natural stones not only  add beautiful textures and architectural details to spaces but bring with them their metaphysical earthen qualities to enhance your surroundings far beyond the superficial.Read More →

Add a Memorable WOW factor to your custom home Texture and such will  add a wow  factor to any custom home project. Living spaces are warmed by textures and colors. Natural stone will add warmth and character to any indoor and outdoor space via hard surfaces such as walls, flooring, backsplash and ornamental features are a great alternative. Many designers agree that the “vintage style”,Read More →

Cantera Natural Stone Columns are In a Class of Their Own    Countries like Mexico with colorful stories  have always provided fascination to outsiders because of their culture, traditions, food,  and most importantly, the art produced within the country. It’s through art and architecture that our generation, is allowed to take a glimpse through the artist’s (artisans who carved the stone and professional masons) mind and eyes of what was seen, felt, and experienced at certain time; with Cantera, a natural stone only quarry in Mexico, we have the opportunity to create architectural/ornamental distinctive applications today that will last for many generations to come and leave a legacy.Read More →

Natural Stone differences: Limestone, Travertine and Marble  When you are looking for a wall covering (feature walls or backsplash) or flooring material for residential and commercial projects and natural stone seem like a good fit, consider limestone, travertine or marble. You want to make sure it suits your needs and know as much as you can about the stone differences before you make your choice.Read More →