Long lasting investment

Natural Stone products are considered a higher initial investment which often proves to be the most economical when the entire life cycle, including maintenance of a product, is considered. No building material speaks of durability like natural stone. Natural stone has a life span of a 100 years and requires little maintenance, which often makes it more economical when evaluated from a life cycle cost perspective. Plus, it will likely add to the value of your home.


4. Acoustic and Visual comfort.

Hand carved by experienced artisans = beautiful recreation of your ideas, enhance your home/office ambiance.  Every Stone is Unique. Natural stone  unique characteristics are like no other building product; no two stones are exactly alike.


Versatile and beautiful

The vibrancy  of natural stone cannot be captured by any other product. Add a one of a kind natural stone work, a unique signature statement to your projects.
Natural stone work designs are endless. Everything that we have the opportunity to re-create will have a sense of originality and it will add an undeniable elegance to any home.


Convenient and cost effective

Amando Natural Stone products are ship directly from the quarry to the site. Our prices  are competitive with artificial stone products.





Energy Efficient

Natural Stone is a material that requires low energy consumption during processing and the general low conductivity of the rocks, mainly in porous rocks. Natural Stone is a key component in sustainable building design. Incorporation of masonry's thermal mass provides numerous energy benefits, including the reduction of peak heating and cooling loads, moderation of indoor temperature swings (improved thermal comfort), and potential reduction in the size of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. e.g. Stone veneer provides the benefits of thermal mass (heat capacity).


Easy Maintenance

Natural stone can be pressure washed without being damaged, color will not fade or wear over time; whereas manufactured products may be destroyed.